Friday, June 24, 2011


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Are you supporting GAY rights? If you are not.... don't click away yet, you need to continue to read. Avoiding it, be ignorant doesn't make you a better person, or a saint.

Did you just have a good breakfast with your family? Have you just enjoyed a good dinner cooked by your husband/wife? While you are happily enjoying your so-called "STRAIGHT" life, can you imagine if one day people are going to vote whether you have RIGHTS to do so? You will be forced to separate from your family, your love one. As a human, do you actually love to see people suffered?  When you can go home and enjoy your family time every night, what makes you think that you can build your happiness upon people's misery. Oh, and if you are not trying to make a change now, you might have gay children or grandchildren who you don't know how to deal with.

Some said, it is a choice. I believe for certain people, it is a choice. Just like people who choose to cheat. For most gay people, it is not a choice. When you are not in their shoes, how could you know it is a choice? If it is, it is none of your business either.

It is sad to see gay friends who have to suffer because of your selfish "STRAIGHT" thoughts. I believe one day you will understand if there are people you love come to tell you they are gay. I believe in God, and I believe God will have his own way to educate you.

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