Saturday, June 30, 2007


Inspired by Harry Potter movie, the owl was fascinating! When it is a bad day, I wish I could just be hypnotized by this owl!

I created this design after watching Harry Potter's movies. I love the white owl in the movie, it looks so mysterious, so pure and adorable. I did this design in Illustrator, I drew the shape of it's head first, and then emphasized the eyes by adding the thick eyebrows. The size of the eyes also exaggerated the owl to be bigger than the normal, so that you could see the radar effect clearer coming out from the eyes. I used orange gradient for the head color because it is a complimentary color tone of the green eyes.

Other than creating this design, I wish I did know how to hypnotize, so that I could stop my boss from bothering me or whining at me.... but too bad I don't, I just have learn the easier way, dealing with stress better, and but with a big smile on my face.


Viva Las Vegas

This design is an ace that would be fun to flash in Las Vegas. Ace’s of Diamond are everywhere, inspiration for poker players.

Vegas is a place to have fun and enjoy, night never ends in this city! I did have fun when creating this design. The idea is to mix up the diamond ace and the traditional diamond sweatshirt pattern. I have two color backgrounds for this design, one is a clear color, and another one is dark blue. I love both background colors; the clear color makes the design more like modern art, and the dark blue background created a very traditional look.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Love is draining

In a humorous way, Mr. tooth brush and Mrs. tooth paste are telling you love can be so draining sometimes.

This idea came through my mind one evening after I finished my work and was ready to go in bed. Cute characters, or cute designs are still my favorite things to draw, especially regular things around me, inspire me, makes my brain think. In this design, Mr. Tooth Brush and Mrs. Tooth Paste look like other any lovely couple, they love each other, they tolerate each other, but we all know love can be draining for some couples sometimes. Balance always needs to be there in our love life. I hope this cute little design will remind you to balance up your love life, or.... revive your half-drawn love.

Heart Locked

Sometimes our heart locks up, we feel our emotions are chained and blood is dripping out, draining us completely.

What would you do when you get hurt? Did you learn from it or did you just drift into continual grief, and let your heart get locked into eternal darkness? I always choose to shift my sadness to something else, like designing a t-shirt, so I can express my feeling and then get over it. This design is purposely positioned in the top right corner, the area of your heart. But even when your heart is locked and chained, and blood is still dripping, you can't lie to yourself, so why not just take a deep breath and explore all the other good things in your life?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Star Leo

This Blue star design is the sign Leo, in Kanji character; it has a worn vintage texture with off angle placement. It is for friends or family who love horoscopes, and were born from July 23 to August 22.

My good friend's birthday is coming soon, and it gave me the idea to create this horoscope design for his birthday. Continuing my passion on Kanji Design, I used the Kanji character for the horoscope Leo, also showing the star form of Leo in the galaxy. I really hope this design can make my friend feel special and wish him all the best!

American Dream

This design is American patriotism as modern art; it portrays many aspects of American culture and stimulates emotion about your homeland.

Although I am not from the U.S., I know Fourth of July is a meaningful holiday for all Americans. For this reason, I squeezed my brain to come up with this second design hoping to resonate the patriotic feeling for Fourth of July. Because I did the last design in horizontal form, I decided to create this one in vertical form. The idea is still formed on the structure of the American Flag. I use the shape of the USA as the base for the 50 stars, and I created my own star brushes which represent different issues, different images of the United States.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

America, Land of Freedom for All!

4th of July is our patriotic holiday. This design illustrates the majestic beauty of our national emblem and reminds us of our heritage – home of freedom for all, regardless of race, creed or sexual orientation.

I don't have many ideas for Fourth of July, and sometimes wonder how many people are interested in a patriotic design? Tim suggested I create a firework design. I thought about it, looked at the US flag, and decided to combine them, using the colors from the flag, and the 50 stars to create this sparkling firework design. America, Land of Freedom for all! Maybe does not agree, but we should keep it as our ideal to have one day.


Rock, Paper, Scissors; this reminds me of the games we played in the childhood, taught me that we always need to make a decision in our life, always trying our luck.

When I was a kid, we always played rock, paper, scissors to see who will make the right decision. We did it three times, the one who won twice will lead. But that was long time ago, we stopped doing it at high school. I guess after we grew up, we learned to decide by ourselves, and not to depend on a game, or on others anymore. Because this idea came from my childhood memory, I decided to make it colorful, using candy like colors.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Crystalized Blue

This image is so vibrant; an explosion of blue chrystal against a dark background. This was developed from another photo composition I had done earlier.

Crystal and stone are always my favorite to shoot. I used some of my photography art work with Crystal and turned it into this random, vibrant blue crystal pattern.

Ancient Abstract

This illustration is a convergence of ancient and modern art. I love the convergence of strength and vision it portrays, almost as if the God is watching over us to keep us safe and secure.

This idea came from one of my photography work, it was a close up shot of a Rome statue. I added contrast to the image to make it into halftone pattern. I completed the design with blue radiate light that shines thru his eye. The statue inspired me and I hope it could inspire you too.