Friday, April 25, 2008

Help Giant Panda

Giant Pandas in China are one the most popular animals in the world but they are endangered and threatened by habitat loss due to increasing human population, poaching and the bamboo die-off.

I met my ex-colleagues for lunch and high tea today. It was nice to take a break, relax and just hangout with friends. It is Friday again! Do you have any plans for the weekend? I wish I could go to watch some movies, but since I am still coughing, I probably just stay at home, continue working on designs.... :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Go Green

An Earth Day design for those who care about the environment, global warming, recycling. A great gift for nature lovers and tree huggers to promote our green movement.

At last, I started to get better after more than a week! I am still coughing a little bit, but recovering. I am drinking a lot of almond tea, Chinese herb, and avoiding cold drinks. I really hope I could totally recover soon since I am visiting Rome in May. I wanted to learn some Italian, but really too sick and too tired…. and not enough time to learn anymore! God bless me!

Everyone is loving the “The World Goes Green” design, so I decided to redesign it and make it into something different and new. Hope you guys would love it too. Ok, Ciao~

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Love Bears

With your flush and loving heart, express your love for bears with this I Love Bears design. Bears are cute and huggable!

It has been a week, I am still not recovering yet. Fever is over, but still having sore throat and cough, these two are evil combination! Two nights without sleeping really made me exhausted! When I concentrate on my work, I don't cough that much, that's why I still able to come out with new design even though I am sick. Hope you like it and thanks again for all the support to T-shirt Du Jour!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

So sick!

Hi, I am back again! Yesterday, after I went to the gym, I was really not feeling well. High fever, wanted to throwout.... and my body was burning hot after I got home. Finally, I went to see doctor in the evening, he gave me an injection, 5 medicines to take!

I am still feeling weak now, but after taking all those medicines, it really helps to control the fever. Today I probably will just spend some times organize and backup my files.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stop Global Warming Hourglass

Aware the climate change! We don't have much time to stop global warming! With this globe hourglass design, spread the word, save the earth!

I know it is not easy to stop global warming while many people don't even know what is global warming! I really hope when people using green products from T-shirt Du Jour, could help to raise the awareness.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Summer Girl Fashion Illustration

A duo tone design fashion illustration for summer! A charming girl, with seductive pink lips and a little sunburn on her face. So are you ready for summer yet? Time to store up summer items before you forget!

Thanks for the emails that asking how am I doing, I am really feeling better today. I will take more rest…. and also work on the design…. haha! :D

I did some shopping yesterday, bought a Biotherm Homme Aquapower. Previously I was using L’oreal’s product, but it just didn’t do any good to my combination skin. I also bought a pair of jeans from PDI for RM99, it is a straight low rise cutting, looks good with a reasonable price! :) And of course I got some regular groceries like milk, soy milk, yogurt, vegetable juice and cheese since I finished all my food before the trip.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kanji Longevity - Happy Birthday

Longevity in Kanji is a fortuitous word that is frequently used at birthday events. It is a great design, suitable for anyone, youth, elder, male or female. Happy Birthday!

I got fever and sore throat after came back from my trip. It isn’t too bad now, after I took a lot of fluid since yesterday. Other than being sick, I also put on 5pound from my trip! I really should get back to gym soon! :D

I heard my friend in Austin just got married. They wowed everyone, nobody would aspect that…. Anyway, congratulation to them and hope they will be together forever!