Monday, April 14, 2008

Summer Girl Fashion Illustration

A duo tone design fashion illustration for summer! A charming girl, with seductive pink lips and a little sunburn on her face. So are you ready for summer yet? Time to store up summer items before you forget!

Thanks for the emails that asking how am I doing, I am really feeling better today. I will take more rest…. and also work on the design…. haha! :D

I did some shopping yesterday, bought a Biotherm Homme Aquapower. Previously I was using L’oreal’s product, but it just didn’t do any good to my combination skin. I also bought a pair of jeans from PDI for RM99, it is a straight low rise cutting, looks good with a reasonable price! :) And of course I got some regular groceries like milk, soy milk, yogurt, vegetable juice and cheese since I finished all my food before the trip.

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