Sunday, April 29, 2007

Capricorn & Ride with rainbow


Horoscopes are always my favorite topic to draw. I have done some crazies before, but I lost the original files while moving to United States, or else I would love to show them on these t-shirts.

Anyway, it is always to have a good start, that's why I decided to use my puppy character Ruby to start a series for horoscope design. I hope you like this design and continue to support the character

Ride with a rainbow
I love to see a rainbow, it is so beautiful, fascinating, and it makes me dream. Wouldn’t it be exciting to ride on a rainbow? Flying in the sky, enjoy the strong breeze....

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Let your light shine on the world

This is another message from Ashley, "Let your light shine the world". Simple, but strong and impressive! Did you ever think about what you could do to shine your essence on the world? I know I did not consider this while I was growing up.

When we were young, we learn, listen, experience.... and then one day we start to think, “what is more meaningful than to just to continue living?” I want to help, to cheer people; I want to spread a positive message.... ok, let's start doing it, shine for the world!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Gun Control, NOW!

I have decided to generate this design after the tragedy that occurred in Virginia. This was a sad and shocking event, which also brought up some sensitive issues.

I have never felt that people outside of law enforcement should have a gun. We do not have military training, we are sometimes emotional, and it could be very dangerous even you just lose your mind for a second. That's why now we now see 32 people sacrificed!

After the tragedy occurred, some Asian students in Virginia have received threatening mail, accusing all Asians of being the same; asking them to leave United State, or else "something" will happen to them. I heard some Taiwanese students were trying to advertise on their clothing that they are not Korean, not the same.... this is so pathetic! Obviously this is about a psychotic guy loosing control, not about race or nationality. Not every Muslim a is terrorist, not every Asian is psycho killer!

I understand it is painful for people who lost a family member, but this is not an excuse for us to be inhumane; not an excuse for us to blame other innocent people.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Beauty is too heavy

I have always wanted to design a flower shirt, but just a flower does not satisfy me, I want to project a message, something more than just a beautiful flower.

Reading fashion magazines, makes me think that beauty is too heavy for girls.

Chasing the trend, learning skills of makeup.... a lot of work and a major investment in time and money.

I decided to draw a blooming, dazzling rose; and under the flower is a girl carrying it, feeling heavy....Is this the price girls pay to cosmeticize themselves?

Sweet Puppies

These two cute puppy characters are designed based on my dogs Ruby and Rose.

Of course they are not puppies anymore, but they are still lots of fun and very cute.

Actually I wasn't designing this for a t-shirt, but when I reviewed my illustrations one day, this really caught my attention, I like the 1:1 proportion; it makes the character looks cuter with a bigger head.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Diversity Rules & Green Energy

In association with

I have 2 new t-shirt designs for this week. The first one called Diversity Rules. It is a message from Tim, to promote the accepting of diversity and equality. This design was actually modified from a previous design called “Color Doesn't Matter?” I used red, gold, and brown in this design to represent different nationalities, and they support each other in a circle. It means we are actually doing something good for ourselves while we are helping each other. I hope this helps carry the message out there of the importance of loving and supporting each other, regardless of one’s race, color or sexuality.

In association with In association with
The second design is Green Energy, and it is designed for the Save the world contest in I exhibited a sun and windmill in this design, to remind us to use natural power instead of keep draining our earth. Fresh colors like yellow, orange, sky blue, green are used, and I employed a rough brush stroke to add to the density of this creation. This is my modest contribution to help the cause of saving the earth’s resources.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Logo of T-shirt Du Jour

This week, I have come out a Logo for T-shirt Du Jour. I have used black and orange for this logo. The black outlined shirt represent the "T", it is a transparent T because it stands for an of infinity ideas in T-shirt Du Jour, no limit, no restrictions. My plan is to refresh the logo with new and creative elements on special holidays or events.

The orange brush splash at top of the shirt represents the trendy and lively site of designs in T-shirt Du Jour. I also decided to use the funky font for the word T-shirt Du Jour, showing the energy and fun that I have in design creation.