Sunday, April 8, 2007

Diversity Rules & Green Energy

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I have 2 new t-shirt designs for this week. The first one called Diversity Rules. It is a message from Tim, to promote the accepting of diversity and equality. This design was actually modified from a previous design called “Color Doesn't Matter?” I used red, gold, and brown in this design to represent different nationalities, and they support each other in a circle. It means we are actually doing something good for ourselves while we are helping each other. I hope this helps carry the message out there of the importance of loving and supporting each other, regardless of one’s race, color or sexuality.

In association with In association with
The second design is Green Energy, and it is designed for the Save the world contest in I exhibited a sun and windmill in this design, to remind us to use natural power instead of keep draining our earth. Fresh colors like yellow, orange, sky blue, green are used, and I employed a rough brush stroke to add to the density of this creation. This is my modest contribution to help the cause of saving the earth’s resources.

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