Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cloud in Kanji

Kanji character Cloud with a little cute illustration. No matter where you are, or what weather it is, hope your mind is peaceful like a cloud that drifting in the bright blue sky!

So glad that Cloud in Kanji bag and Cloud in Kanji hat have been featured in Today's Best! And thanks for all of you that supporting this design!

I will be away next week. I will be in Taipei for 4-5days, and then Singapore. After that, I will be in Cameron Highlands for 3days. I am sure it will be a fun trip. I hope I could get more inspiration from the trip too!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Be a bad girl

As cute as the dog character Ruby, sometimes she could be naughty, just to have more fun! The character was inspired by my dog Ruby. But she will be put to sleep on March 24th because of her cancer. I guess looking at this design will be a good way for me to remember her....

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Friday, March 7, 2008

My Heart Goes Green

A heart shaped foliage design for you to show your love to our environment, try your best to reduce pollution, to prevent global warming, and to love the beauty of nature.

I tried to capture the beauty of nature in this design. Shapes of the leaves are really beautiful and inspiring!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Love Bug

A ladybird bug with the love pattern on its back, is resting on you. it spreads power of love, it stirs up feeling, and it makes you realize who you really love.

I created this love bug design in Illustrator. Tried to make something sweet and elegant. I switch the dots on the bug to love shapes, and also the tentacles. Then the shading and the lighting to make it looks solid and standout. At last, added shadow and script type font, made the design sweet and romantic like a beautiful poet!

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Of course, don't miss this fresh created profile card template.

Adam's Love Apple

Adam's Love Apple T-Shirt shirt

The most irresistible legendary apple, it gives you the image of forbidden love.... It is seductive! Take a bite! You will just fall in love, falling into sinning!

I tried to create an apple that is attractive and seductive like the Adam's apple, the apple that makes him learn about love and sex! I like the crystallized effect of this design, makes it looks clear, mystery and fresh!

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Trees in the Future

If we don't take care of the environment seriously, we might not have wonderful nature scenery to enjoy, with trees in our future. As a community, we need to stop abusing environment and do whatever it takes to protect the nature.

Trees in the Future Mug mug
Trees in the Future Bag bag

This is a very simple trees design that formed by the words "Future" and "Tree". I try to use this design to remind people, if we are not taking care of our environment, all the trees might be gone, we shall only find them documented in the books, pictures....

Plant a tree, save the world!(Not the cheer leader)

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