Monday, April 23, 2007

Gun Control, NOW!

I have decided to generate this design after the tragedy that occurred in Virginia. This was a sad and shocking event, which also brought up some sensitive issues.

I have never felt that people outside of law enforcement should have a gun. We do not have military training, we are sometimes emotional, and it could be very dangerous even you just lose your mind for a second. That's why now we now see 32 people sacrificed!

After the tragedy occurred, some Asian students in Virginia have received threatening mail, accusing all Asians of being the same; asking them to leave United State, or else "something" will happen to them. I heard some Taiwanese students were trying to advertise on their clothing that they are not Korean, not the same.... this is so pathetic! Obviously this is about a psychotic guy loosing control, not about race or nationality. Not every Muslim a is terrorist, not every Asian is psycho killer!

I understand it is painful for people who lost a family member, but this is not an excuse for us to be inhumane; not an excuse for us to blame other innocent people.

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