Saturday, June 30, 2007


Inspired by Harry Potter movie, the owl was fascinating! When it is a bad day, I wish I could just be hypnotized by this owl!

I created this design after watching Harry Potter's movies. I love the white owl in the movie, it looks so mysterious, so pure and adorable. I did this design in Illustrator, I drew the shape of it's head first, and then emphasized the eyes by adding the thick eyebrows. The size of the eyes also exaggerated the owl to be bigger than the normal, so that you could see the radar effect clearer coming out from the eyes. I used orange gradient for the head color because it is a complimentary color tone of the green eyes.

Other than creating this design, I wish I did know how to hypnotize, so that I could stop my boss from bothering me or whining at me.... but too bad I don't, I just have learn the easier way, dealing with stress better, and but with a big smile on my face.


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