Monday, June 20, 2011

Cute and Fun Twitter Designs

Since I am having more personal time in the Summer, I will share more designs with you. Let's start off with these couple Twitter inspired designs!
Tweet a Hash t-shirt

This "Tweet a Hash" design is my little fun thoughts about Twitter. As you can see, the little tweeting bird has laid an egg with a hashtag on it.  I know every time we twitter, it is just a 140words message, but often this short messages are inspiring! In addition, it is like a highlight of a book, we get the juice without have to read lengthy articles.
Tweet a Hast Bag

Another Twitter inspired design basically is a modification from "Tweet a Hash." I created this design because some friends have asked me to create designs that they can customize, add their Twitter account on it for promotion.
Follow My Tweet Customizable Mug
 So I used the bird illustration I created earlier, and added a red ribbon flowing through the design. When you are at my gallery on Zazzle, you can simply enter your Twitter account at the "Personalize it" section, and you are on the way to have your very own Twitter product. For some reason, the "Personalize It" feature is not working with the t-shirts, but you can still press the "Customize it" button to personalize it. 
Follow My Tweet Customizable Tote Bag

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