Friday, March 23, 2007

About T-shirt Du Jour

Hi! Glad to see you on my T Shirt Du Jour blog! My idea is to have a blog to show you some new T-Shirt designs I have created. I would like this to be a fun, interactive experience, because I am quite interested in learning from you what you like, and where your interests are.

Hopefully you will find my creations on Zazzle to be unique and appealing. My concept is to provide you with ultimate freedom to find a gift idea, or a T-Shirt you really love, which allows you to express yourself, or share personal messages, while exhibiting art and design concept you find attractive.

The fundamental idea of my service is to offer something very different, shirts provided limited editions - ones you cannot find elsewhere; or better yet, one you customize yourself. As expressed by my blog name, I am going to create a new design each day of the work week (please forgive me for taking the weekend off!). Each design is also going to be restricted to only 100 copies, so you are guaranteed to a unique and different design that you should not (I hope!) see on another body somewhere.

I am a Graphic and Illustration artist from Malaysia. I have years of experience in fashion design and magazines, offering a different style than what is common in the U.S. I am accomplished in six different languages/dialects as well, providing much flexibility in the messages you wish to convey. Check out my portfolio and tell me what you like!

The concept on this blog will be to have you tell me what you would like to see in these designs and offerings. Please critique it to death....and let me hear your creative ideas and desires.

I will also let you know what is selling and what is not. This is part of the idea of something new every day.

The designs are exhibited in 4 different categories. They are:

* Designer Messages - This will be a message in text along with a graphic design of your choosing.
* Fashion Design - This art and illustration will exhibit beautiful men and women in unique clothing styles.
* Creative Characters - I have many different characters I have developed over the years and will be sharing them with you in his creative renderings.
* Festival and Holiday Wear - Something new for every occasion. Feel free to tell us of special days in other parts of the world or the area you live in.

Please browse around and feel free to tell me what you think!

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